Fossil Gallery

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The gallery shows a selection of fossils from large vertebrates to microfossils.
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Plesiosaur vertebrae Rabbit skull, Palaeolagus sp. White River formation, Dakota, USA. Crocodile scutes, Eocene London Clay strata of Kent, England. Acotherulum saturninum, jaw, Isle of Wight, England Ichthyosaurus bones, Lower Jurassic, Somerset, England.
Shark's tooth, Otodus obliquus, Sheppey, Kent. Ray's palate, Myliobatis sp., Sheppey, Kent. Coelacanth, Osteolepis macrolepidotus, Orkney Islands, Scotland. Ammonite, Amaltheus margaritatus, Jurassic, South Dorset coast, England. Shrimp, Ager libanensis, Mount Haekel, Lebanon.
Lobster, Mechochirus magnus, Isle of Wight, England. Ostracod (unspecified), Maidstone, Kent. Trilobite, Anebolithus simplicior, from Wales. Trilobite, Elrathia kingii, Cambrian, Utah, USA. Trilobite, Dalmanites myops, Silurian, Ludlow, England.
Larval stage of Dipteran Hypoderma species, Eocene, Green River area, USA. Midge in amber, Eocene / Oligocene, Baltic. Auraucorites shoot, Eocene age, Sheppey, Kent, Adult dipteran insect , Plecia sp., Oligocene lake deposits, near Le Puy-en-Valay, France. Leaf, Aletheropteris serlii, Carboniferous period, Writhlington, Somerset, England.
Bivalve, Nucula ovata, Cretaceous, Gault Clay, Kent, England. Complete skull of fish, Rhinocephalus planiceps, Sheppey, Kent. Nautilus, Cymatoceras deslongchampsionensis, Cretaceous, Isle of Wight, England. Gastropod, Athleta luctator, Eocene, Barton Clay, Hampshire, England. Asteroid, Starfish, Upper Triassic, Somerset, England.
Echinoid, Micraster cortestudinarium, Cretaceous Chalk, Kent, England. Un-named Belemnite species, Jurassic, southern England. Bryozoan, Adenelopsis wetherelli, Eocene, Sheppey, Kent, England. Brachiopod, Terebratula ampulla, Pleistocene, Island of Milos, Greece. Coral, Dibunophylum bipartitum, Carboniferous, North of England.