KGG Items of Interest (Fragments)

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This page is for members interests. It is intended to contain news items, members papers, and reports of indoor meetings or outdoor field meetings. These interest items will be displayed on, or accessible through, this page.

Why fragments?

Well, it seems appropriate! The science of geology has been dependent on fragments; fragments of time encapsulated in a rock face; fragments of fossils that have enabled geologists to build up a more complete picture; fragments of the Earth's chemistry displayed in a beautiful crystal.

The Building Stones of Sussex

Roger Cordiner and Anthony Brook of the Sussex Geological Society and regular speakers to the KGG have produced a book on the Building Stones of Sussex. For more details or to order a copy click here

Bluebell Hill Chalk

The chalk pits to the south west of Bluebell Hill on the A229 Rochester to Maidstone road are all that now remains of a once thriving cement-making industry. The pits, that have also been the source location for many fine fossils, lies just a few miles from the KGG meetings location in Maidstone. The KGG Indoor Meeting talk for May 2016 was "The Geology of the Bluebell Hill Chalk Pits" given by Nick Baker. Those members who were unable to attend Nick's excellent talk may download a pdf version by clicking here

Virtual Geology

On 21st February 2017 the Kent Geologists Group was treated to an excellent talk on Virtual Geology given by James Downer. With the increasing use of laptops and personal computers a vast amount of geological information is now available on line - one only has to know where to find it!.
James's talk consisted of two parts, websites and apps that can be downloaded to an iPhone or iPad and taken into the field.
Using apps one can access geological information, identify precise position, measure distances, angle of dip and much more. You can now go into the field effectively taking your library with you!
   For useful websites click here
   For iPhone/iPad apps here

Rock Fall

Fieldwork Codes of Practice advise us to wear hard hats and avoid hammering on rock faces. But how many of us have actually witnessed a fall?

On 30th January 2007, while visiting Pett Level, Dave Talbot, a KGG member, not only witnessed a fall but managed to photograph it.

To read Dave's account of the event click here

To see an enlarged photograph of the fall at its peak click here

Some Geological Sites of Interest

Smokejacks Quarry, Surrey

The Onny Valley Geological Trail

The Stiperstones - Shropshire

The Sedgwick Geological Trail

The Mortimer Forest Geology Trail

[Do you have a favourite geological site that you wish to share with others? If so, and you can supply pictures and text, please contact the KGG General Secretary (for details, see 'Organisation' page).]

Past Group Activities

Dryhill Country Park, 26th February 2017

Bluebell Hill Walk No.1, 13th June 2015

Bluebell Hill Walk No.1, 7th June 2014

Field Trip to Herne Bay, 25th June 2011

The Geology of South Wales - A Field Guide

Chafford Gorges, 28th June 2008

Darent Valley, 14th June, 2008

Kew Gardens, 4th November 2007

Clearance at Loose Quarry, 23rd January 2005

The Geology of Pegwell Bay